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Academic Support Center: Strategies for Success

Everyone learns differently. Use this site to explore new ways to learn. Try everything you can, and keep what works; change what doesn't. Remember, you know how you learn best!

Strategies for Learning Success

College success begins with learning how to be a learner, and maximizing your learning strategies to make the best use of your time. Strong learners

  • organize their resources and knowledge through calendars, active reading, and note-taking activities;
  • exercise a range of learning styles (visual, auditory, reading, and kinesthetic) and use them in conjunction with each other to learn different types of content;
  • employ an adaptable approach to learning, exchanging old strategies that don't work for new ones, changing strategies to increase their effectiveness; and above all
  • believe that anything can be learned if they have strategies and approaches that work.

You can learn to be a successful learner, and the tools and resources here will help you on that path.


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