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Collaborate with a Librarian

Librarians help students develop the information skills they need for success in college, on the job, and in their personal lives. Ask a librarian to:

  • help you design a research project;
  • provide subject-specific research instruction for your students;
  • provide resources that support your curriculum;
  • teach your students how to search LIBRARY DATABASES to find articles for their research;
  • work with you to create a RESEARCH GUIDE for your course’s research project;
  • provide subject-specific research instruction for your students;
  • integrate the College’s Institutional Student Learning Outcomes for RESEARCH into your curriculum:
RESEARCH to deepen understanding, answer questions, and discover evidence to support a concept, theory, or observation.
  • Recognize when information is needed to support a perspective or argument, or to explain or validate a concept, theory, or observation;
  • Locate appropriate information resources in print and/or digital media;
  • Incorporate and properly cite multiple information sources; and
  • Evaluate information for use in projects and/or papers.

Distance Education & Outreach

The library supports distance learning initiatives by providing off-campus access to online databases and the library catalog, as well as providing the RESEARCH SKILLS MOOC and additional library instruction. Learn more about library resources available to distance learning students by contacting Ellen Pratt, the Distance Education & Outreach Librarian.

Library Liaisons

Each academic department has a LIBRARY LIAISON who is both a contact person and an advocate for departmental and faculty concerns. Your liaison can answer questions and provide information about library programs, services, and resources. Librarians are eager to work collaboratively with faculty to enhance the academic program.

We encourage teaching faculty to communicate suggestions or concerns about library services and the collection (print and electronic) to their library liaison. In turn, liaisons notify faculty about new resources and programs.

The School of Business, Science, Technology & Mathematics

Liaisons: Ellen Pratt & Suzanne Levasseur

The School of Health Professions, Public Service Programs & Social Sciences

Liaison: Ellen Pratt

The School of Liberal Arts, Education, Humanities & Communications

Liaison: Suzanne Levasseur

Please CONTACT US if you have questions.