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Thesis Statement Help

THESIS BUILDER is an online tool which will help you create a concise, one-sentence thesis statement. Before you use this tool, you will need the following:

  • Your topic
  • Your opinion or position about the topic written in a BRIEF phrase
  • Reasons for your opinion and a main reason others might disagree, all written in BRIEF phrases.

After you create your best thesis statement, use the BUILD AN OUTLINE link to get a blueprint for exactly how to write YOUR research paper.

Research Skills MOOC - R E G I S T E R . H E R E

MWCC Research Skills MOOC

2016 Course of Distinction Award


CLICK HERE for Research Skills MOOC

DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER. See MOOC Problem Solver below if you need help. If you have further questions, please email either of the course instructors, Suzanne Levasseur ( or Ellen Pratt (

NOTE: Register just ONCE for access to all parts of the MOOC.

Introductory Information on Controversial Topics

Find Articles

DATABASES: For current or very specific information on a topic.

Issues & Controversies Video Tutorial

My EBSCOhost Folder Tutorial




Use Credible Sources!

Image showing relationship of credere, credible, credentials, and incredible.

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