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Listening & Note Taking: SQ3R

Good note taking skills help you to recall and reinforce information. Don't continue with a system that doesn't work for you- learn a new one!


This is an active strategy for note just note taking, but reading and studying as well.


Skim: When reviewing notes, skim to make sure you understand all your abbreviations and that your handwriting is legible- you may have to rewrite and reorganize. When reading a text book, skim to review headings and subtitles so that your brain is better prepared for what it is about to absorb.  


Question: When reviewing notes, make sure any questions you wrote in the margins or had for the teacher have been answered.  When reading, write down questions you already have based on headings and subtitles- this will help you stay more focused and engaged in reading because it gives you something to search for. 


Read: What's the point of taking notes if you never look at them again? Read your notes later in the day after you've taken them to make sure they still make sense, and read them again when studying for a test. When reviewing for a test, re-read sections of the chapter the were particularly complicated or confusing.


Recite: When reviewing both notes and a text, it always helps to read things along. As you're reading, try to put things in your own words as well- this will better prepare you for essay questions! 


Review: Similarly to how you'd stretch after exercising, you want to give your brain time to wind down after intense focusing as well. Review everything quickly one last time instead of just shutting your binder or book and moving right on to something else.