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MWCC Research Skills MOOC

2016 Course of Distinction Award


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DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER. See MOOC Problem Solver below if you need help. If you have further questions, please email either of the course instructors, Suzanne Levasseur ( or Ellen Pratt (

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About the MWCC Research Skills MOOC

COURSE OUTCOMES: Students will identify, access, evaluate, and use information effectively and ethically in order to create meaningful knowledge and understanding upon completion of this course. This brief course is designed to introduce students to the skills necessary to write a college research paper. The course consists of 20 brief modules organized into six skill sets and should take a few hours to complete. The modules are color coded to indicate BEGINNING RESEARCH SKILLSINTERMEDIATE RESEARCH SKILLS and ADVANCED RESEARCH SKILLS.

Please CONTACT US if you have questions.