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Welcome to the Library Research Online Instruction Tutorial

The Library Research Online Instruction Tutorial is designed to help faculty embed information literacy curriculum and outcomes into their courses. Students who engage with the LROIT will develop and practice the information literacy and research skills necessary for success on their research assignments and future academic and personal endeavors. 

This module-based tutorial is designed with scaffolding and metacognition in mind and can be tailored and used by faculty as needed. Our library team recommends that faculty assign each module as students are working on the corresponding component of the research process for point of need learning and support. 

The best method for faculty to incorporate the LROIT into their courses is by embedding desired modules into their Blackboard courses. For instructions and assistance on how to do this, please contact librarians Matthew Raymond and/or Ellen Pratt

For a preview of an LROIT module, see the example below:

Module 4.1 Evaluating Information 

What is covered in the tutorial?

Instructors can assign any of the modules below to accompany and support students as they work through the research process. Each module topic aligns with the Association of College & Research Libraries Framework for Information Literacy Curriculum. For more information about information literacy at MWCC, please review our information literacy guide for faculty

For access to the modules, please contact librarians Matthew Raymond and/or Ellen Pratt

Module List:

1.1 Introduction to the Library

2.1 Brainstorming a Research Need

2.2 Developing a Research Topic

2.3 Ask a Research Question

3.1 Understanding Sources of Information

3.2 Scholarly & Popular Sources

3.25 Search the Library Catalog

3.3 What are Library Databases?

3.4 Library Database Searching I

3.5 Library Database Searching II

4.1 Evaluating Information

5.1 What's the Main Idea?

5.2 Synthesize Your Sources

6.1 Cite Your Sources

ACRL Frameworks

Research as Inquiry

Searching as Strategic Exploration 

Information Creation as Process

Information Has Value 

Scholarship as Conversation 



Please CONTACT US if you have questions.