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Library Database

DATABASES: For current or very specific information on a topic.

For peer-reviewed articles, do a separate search in the ALL AREAS tab.

  • Choose JOURNALS  under LIMIT BY MATERIAL TYPE on the left.
  • If you have too many results, try one or more of the following:
    • Add a search term, for instance, GLAUCOMA AND TREATMENT
    • Click SUBJECT: MAJOR HEADING on the left:
      • First, choose your topic
      • Then, you can choose another sub-topic within those results.

Human Anatomy Study Models

Human anatomy study models may be used in the library. Ask at the Circulation Desk.Skeleton

  • Our own SKELETON crew
  • Get to the HEART of the matter
  • The SKULL beneath the skin
  • If I only had a BRAIN
  • Lend me your EARS

Heart Study Model Skull Study Model Brain Study Model  Ear Study Model

Nursing Reference Center Plus Tutorial

Peer Review in Three Minutes

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