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FST: Fire Science Technology: Videos

Decisions Under Fire (4 minutes)

Australian fire fighters deal with an unusual number of dangerous brush fires due to the dry, desert conditions. In this video clip, hear about how fire services are turning to psychology to understand how fire managers can make the best, most effective decisions during an inferno.

The Nature of Fire (22 minutes)

A fire needs heat, fuel, and oxygen. This Science Screen Report examines that triangle of ingredients, and how scientists study it in order to combat—or harness—fire. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. Correlates to National Science Education Standards. Produced in association with the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology and the Junior Engineering Technical Society.

Fighting the Triange Shirtwaist Factory Fire (2.5 minutes)

Firefighters could not put out the fire; most of those who were still in the building at this point died. Despite the most modern firefighting equipment in the country, ladders could not reach top floors of skyscrapers.

EMT (22 minutes)

This program guides students through the duties of the EMT-Basic and EMT-Paramedic, the skills and personality traits both require, and the financial and personal advantages that these positions offer. Featuring interviews with veterans of the profession, the program describes the 110-hour class and national or state registry exam an aspiring EMT must complete, along with specific functions—for EMT-Bs, supporting an ambulance team in the field and during patient transport, maintaining vitals and airwave access, controlling bleeding, basic splinting, and applying a cervical collar; and for EMT-Paramedics, traction splinting, patient status assessment, and other functions that prepare patients for emergency room care. Both the Hollywood-style excitement and the routine aspects of EMT life are emphasized, in addition to the best high school courses and volunteer opportunities in which a would-be EMT should get involved. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. Correlates to national and state board certification standards. A Meridian Production.

Basic First Aid (58 minutes)

Emergency situations can occur at any time, and an untried health care trainee may be among the first to respond—in some cases, perhaps, the only source of aid available. This program will help medical support personnel build their skills and know-how in treating the injured. In addition to the three main principles of emergency care, the video presents field-tested strategies for dealing with cuts, burns, chest pains, bone fractures, breathing emergencies, and apparent poisonings or allergic reactions. Viewers learn specific information on CPR, the proper method of applying pressure to a wound, signs and symptoms of shock, and techniques to calm and reassure a patient in a crisis. Designated for 3 contact hours of continuing nursing education. 

Modern Marvels: Firefighting! The Arson Detectives (45 minutes)

Looks at the crime of intentionally setting fires. We follow investigators as they find evidence in the ashes left behind suspicious fires.

The Day the Towers Fell (44 minutes)

This A&E Special looks at the World Trade Center tragedy through the eyes of the people who risked their lives to capture it on film.

The Great Boston Fire of 1872 (3 minutes)

Buildings with mansard roofs spring up around Boston. The Boston fire starts in a hoop-skirt factory; the mansard roof is like kindling. Firefighters do not have enough water; 65 acres burn.

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