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How to Read a Scientific Paper

ZoteroBib for APA Format


ZoteroBib FAQs

  • What formats does ZoteroBib offer?

APA. MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and 9,000 other styles, including AMA.

  • If there is no login or account, how do I get back to a bibliography I started?

You create a link to it and save the link.

  • How do I get the citations into my research paper?

There is a big COPY TO CLIPBOARD link with choices. If you choose “DOWNLOAD RTF” it will open a Microsoft Word document and add your citations in your default font. You can also copy and paste.


Peer Review in Three Minutes


Limit Your Results

What is a Scholarly Article?

What Do I Need to Cite?

Credo Reference: SCIENCE

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Start your scientific research with dictionaries of specialized terminology, overviews of contemporary and historical scientific research, and biographies of prominent scientists.

Careers in Environmental Chemistry

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