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Time Management: Home

Time is fair, it treats everyone the same, and everyone has all there is. The purpose of time management is to learn how to get things done so there is more time for fun.

Time management helps ensure you have free time- not borrowed time- to do the things you enjoy. Free time is time you reward yourself with when you have completed everything else that you need to get done because you have planned ahead and scheduled appropriately.


  • Free time is not time away from duties, chores and obligations (review the "Values" tab to better understand these topics so you can prioritize your time around them)
  • Free time is not time that is spent procrastinating (review the "Procrastination" tab to learn why you put things off and what you are most distracted by)
  • Free time is not time that you simply create by putting off other commitments (review the "Tips" tab for tools and tricks to  help you enhance your time management skills)


On this site you will find:

  • Information on personal values and prioritizing
  • A time management assessment
  • Information on procrastination and managing distractions
  • Tips to improve your time management skills