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Time Management: Simplifying

Time is fair, it treats everyone the same, and everyone has all there is. The purpose of time management is to learn how to get things done so there is more time for fun.

Simplify Your Life

Keeping your ordered list of values in mind, as well as your time management assessment and your ability to say know, and consider the following ways to simplify your life and free up more time.

  • Know what you value and what is important, then consider eliminating everything else
  • Get away from technology for a few hours a day
  • Learn how to delegate to others
  • Make a list of everything you are doing and prioritize it
  • Do what is essential for you and your family's well being
  • Clean your home of clutter and mess
  • Donate everything you don't need or use
  • Clean up files on your computer so you can find what you do need more easily


What can you actually see yourself changing over the next few weeks and months? What suggestions seem unrealistic for you and your life?

The Masterpiece of a Simple Life