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Time Management: Communication

Time is fair, it treats everyone the same, and everyone has all there is. The purpose of time management is to learn how to get things done so there is more time for fun.

What does communication have to do with time management? Everything! Communicating your plans and goals gives you a feeling of accountability for them, provides those around you with needed information on what your priorities are, and puts you in a position to receive feedback on your plans. 

Consider the Following

You've organized your plans for the day, even made a list, and mapped your tasks out hour by hour... but you forgot to tell your parent/sibling/roommate your plans.

  • - How will they know not to interrupt you?
  • - How do you know that you're not part of their plans for the day? 


You're on break in between classes and you've decided to settle in the library to do some reading and research for a paper that's due next week... but your friends are in the Student Center when you walk by and really want to have lunch with you.

  • - How do you tell them you want to hang out, but you can't right now?
  • - How do you ensure that even though you have to say no right now, you want them to ask again next time?


You're at work with a plan to buckle down and get some long overdue organizing done... then your supervisor walks in with a new project that you can't say no to.

  • - How does your supervisor know this new project needs to be a priority if they don't know what the original plan for the day was?
  • - How do you manage workplace stress if you haven't expressed where you're at with other tasks? 

Improving Communication

Post your task list, priorities, or schedule in an easily viewed area so they are present and at the forefront 


Manage your calendar electronically and share it with those who are important to you 


Discuss your values with those who are impacted by them so they understand why you may need to say "no" or reschedule