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Time Management: Tips

Time is fair, it treats everyone the same, and everyone has all there is. The purpose of time management is to learn how to get things done so there is more time for fun.

Time management is about managing yourself, not about managing hours and minutes. You make a choice to engage in your education. You have to make changes to how you've previously done things. You have to accept responsibility for your actions. You must use inner strength and willpower to overcome procrastination.

Re-Training Your Mind

You need to retrain your mind to adapt to your new life as a college student. Eliminate the negative self-talk that derails you and causes stress.


Consider the following 3 scenarios: 

  • After coming home from a full day of classes you are tired and just want to sit down and watch tv. What can you do to get yourself back on track so you can do homework? 
  • You look at your study space and see everything you've gotten together to write your paper, but you really feel like there's plenty of time to just do it later. What can you tell yourself to do to get started? 
  • After a long day of work you're tired and hungry and you just want to grab a candy bar or a donut. What should you do instead?  

How to Manage Your Time Better