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Time Management: Distractions

Time is fair, it treats everyone the same, and everyone has all there is. The purpose of time management is to learn how to get things done so there is more time for fun.

Social Media Distractions

After ordering your values and taking the time management assessment, you need to think about if your actions support that order, and what outside factors may come into play. An increasingly large factor of this is social media usage and image. Consider the effects of social media on your attention span, as well as what else may distract you: 


  • FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out on something important is often a reason we check social media so often. There is a constant need to check our social network sin case a friend posts something that we can not miss.   


  • Lack of focus: The instant gratification you're used to on social media may be affecting your ability to focus for longer periods of time when reading a text book or listening in class 


  • Procrastination: It's so easy to start clicking all over the Internet, even forgetting the reason you first browsed a site.  

Average Daily Social Media Use