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Library Exhibit Policy & Request Form

Library Exhibit Policy

Introduction and Purpose

Exhibits reflect the scholarly, historical, social, and cultural concerns of Mount Wachusett Community College and its community. Their purpose is to promote interest in the use of the collections and services of the LaChance Library. Exhibits function to educate, enlighten, enrich, and to broaden the Library and MWCC’s appeal to the community, while increasing awareness and access to library services and the library collection. This policy applies to the two exhibit cases located in the hallway outside of the LaChance Library, and the common areas within the library.

The LaChance Library supports the American Library Association's recommendations for Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries, which states that "Freedom of information and of creative expression should be reflected in library exhibits and in all relevant library policy documents."

I.  Library Exhibit Committee

The Exhibit Committee is designated to facilitate exhibitions and will review all exhibit proposals. The Exhibit Committee will determine if the proposed exhibit is consistent with the overall scholarly and cultural concerns of MWCC. The Committee may request that changes be made in the interest of aesthetics, content, installation, and general appropriateness. The Committee retains complete authority over evaluation, interpretations, implementations, selection, and scheduling of all exhibitions.

II. Exhibit Guidelines
  • Exhibit space must be reserved in advance.
  • Exhibits will have a specific start and end date.
  • Exhibits will be on display for 4 weeks, shorter exhibit times are permissible.
  • The exhibitor shall remove the exhibit promptly on the agreed upon date.
  • All library-sponsored exhibitions have priority.
  • Exhibits will not be used to promote personal, commercial, political purposes, or for the solicitation of business, for profit, or for fundraising.
III. Exhibitor Responsibilities
  • The exhibitor is responsible for the preparation of materials for exhibit purposes, and the installation and removal of the exhibit.
  • All design, materials, mounting hardware, object labels and panels, printed materials, frames, banners, posters, and signage are to be provided by the exhibitor.
  • Clear identification of the exhibit's sponsor must be visible in the display case.
IV. Application Procedure
  • Request forms for a library exhibit may be obtained at the Circulation Desk or by filling out the form on this page.
  • Submitted proposals will be reviewed, and if approved, an appropriate space for the exhibit will be identified. 

Please CONTACT US if you have questions.