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What is "Information Literacy?"

"Information literacy is the set of integrated abilities encompassing the reflective discovery of information, the understanding of how information is produced and valued, and the use of information in creating new knowledge and participating ethically in communities of learning." -Association of College and Research Libraries (2016)

ACRL Framework

In 2016, The Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) introduced a new Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education. The Framework is intended as a guiding document for the teaching of information literacy skills and concepts in higher education while providing flexibility for interpretation and implementation at the local level to meet the needs of individual institutions. You can download a full copy of the Framework by clicking here.

For more information on how the Framework is applied at MWCC, please see "Information Literacy @ MWCC" below, and checkout these resources specifically geared for faculty:

Information Literacy @ MWCC

Information Literacy at MWCC

The information literacy and instruction program at MWCC is based on the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education and information literacy threshold concepts. Threshold concepts are core or foundational concepts that, once grasped by the learner, create new perspectives and ways of understanding a discipline or challenging knowledge domain.

Framework Information Literacy Threshold Concepts:  

  1. Authority is constructed and contextual
  2. Information creation as a process
  3. Information has value
  4. Research as inquiry
  5. Scholarship as conversation
  6. Searching as strategic exploration

These concepts and the information literacy/library instruction program directly support MWCC Institutional Student Learning Outcome 5:

ISLO 5: RESEARCH to deepen understanding, answer questions and discover evidence to support a concept, theory or observation.

5.1  Recognize when information is needed to support a perspective or argument, or to explain or validate a concept, theory, or observation;

5.2  Locate appropriate information resources in print and/or digital media;

5.3  Incorporate and properly site multiple information sources; and

5.4  Evaluate information for use in projects and/or papers.

(MWCC Catalog)

Information Literacy Instruction Options @ MWCC

Information Literacy Instruction Options @ MWCC

  • All students enrolled in ENG 101 (College Writing I) are required to complete the Library Research Online Instruction Tutorial
  • Faculty teaching other courses may also assign their students the Tutorial or portions of the course. For more information or options for integrating the Tutorial into your courses, please contact a librarian and we will be happy to work with you.
  • Librarians are also available for in-person (pending a safe return from Covid-19 protocols) or virtual information literacy instruction sessions. If you would like a librarian to visit your class(es) or create virtual instruction options, please contact us by email or complete this form.
  • We are also available to collaborate with faculty to design information literacy-based assignments and/or activities to embed in your courses. For more information, please contact us

Please CONTACT US if you have questions.