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Frankenstein: Myths, Monsters, and Modern Science: Science & Engineering

19th Century Medicine

Frankenstein criticized new and emerging medical practices. It seemed to most people in the 19th century as though doctors were playing God. Some thought doctors' blind acceptance of science and reason was naive and reckless. Below is a list of articles which discuss 19th Century medical research related to themes in Frankenstein.


Modern scientific developments, including cloning, genetically modified organisms, stem cell research and bio-engineering, have stimulated debate among scientists and activists. As we continue to make technological advances, some are concerned that these discoveries could have disastrous effects on humanity. Below is a list of articles that discuss how Frankenstein is still relevant to current controversial scientific topics.

Scientific Limits & Impact

New technologies have great potential, but are what are the limits? Are we considering the possible consequences? Will our impact on the environment eventually outweigh the benefits of new discoveries? Below is a list of articles that discuss the limits and impact of science in relation to Frankenstein.

Conscious Machines

Like Frankenstein's monster, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is a man-made creation that embodies life and emotion. Fictional works have only recently started exploring the impact of A.I., most notably the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? & the more popular film adaptation Blade Runner. Throughout scholarly texts and scientific studies, there is much discussion about the ethics of creating technology that could imitate human emotion and behavior. Below is a list of articles that discuss this current debate in relation to Frankenstein.

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