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Learning Success Guide: Strategies for Thinking, Learning, and Writing

Everyone learns differently. Use this site to explore new ways to learn. Try everything you can. Keep what works; change what doesn't.

Introduction: Time is Everything

There is only one resource that we cannot gain more of: time. And in truth, it seems that most students who have trouble with college don't really have trouble with the coursework; instead, they have trouble managing the time college requires, especially with competing obligations like work and family.

In this section, you'll learn some ways to think about and manage time. You discover how to use some very familiar tools in new ways. You'll even learn to tie your learning style and goal-setting skills into how you use your time and how you expend your effort.

Use the Homework Organizer 


Calendar Use

Dr. K helps you learn and think about how you manage your effort using a calendar, learning style and skill awareness, and SMART goalsetting.

This presentation is 1 hour 30 minutes. You should view this recording over several sessions, discovering your planning, study skills, and practices over time. 

Subject covered in this presentation:

  • Reviewing time management strategies
  • Working smart vs. working hard
  • Understanding how you learn
  • Understanding how different content can be learned best
  • Using SMART goalsetting to plan study sessions

To make it easier to follow, this video is also broken into segments below.

Managing your Calendar (29:20)

Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan (5:01)
Assessing Your Learning Style (6:42) SMART Work (22:19)

In this 30 minute video, Dr. K shows you how to break down the week according to regular activities. Then, using Google Calendar, he helps you learn to map repeating events to chart a course through the term.

This strategy allows you to visually see openings for sudden learning opportunities while also revealing times that are available in case the schedule needs to be rearranged because of unforeseen circumstances.

Pause this presentation as you follow along. Enter your daily activities and information into your calendar so you can see where you have openings in your schedule.


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