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Learning Success Guide: Strategies for Thinking, Learning, and Writing

Everyone learns differently. Use this site to explore new ways to learn. Try everything you can. Keep what works; change what doesn't.

Introduction: Strong Access, Strong Learning

It's vital that you know how to use the tools available to advance your learning. This involves not only getting the right books, but accessing Blackboard and iConnect, downloading our free software packages--Microsoft Office 365 and Read & Write--and even knowing how to use your calculator.

Developing familiarity with your technologies before class will help decrease stress and pressure during class!

Some of the videos and resources in the section are also shared in other locations in our guide as well.

Textbooks & Free Technology

How to find your textbooks!

Book Vouchers

If a student is eligible for Financial Aid, sometimes they are given book vouchers from the allotted award. Book vouchers are used to purchase books from the bookstore without having to pay out of pocket for them. You must complete the Financial Aid process in order to be eligible. If you have a book voucher and want to use it, please visit this link! If you have any other questions, please contact Financial Services.

More info coming soon!

Microsoft Office 365

Many of your professors will require you to use Microsoft Office 365. Here is information on how to access a free download through iConnect.

Option #1: After Logging into iConnect, look to the right under Links of Interest. Click on the link and follow the directions. Option #2: Still in iConnect, access your Office 365 download by clicking on the Campus Life and Support Services menu. Then select the Discounts box ...
iConnect Discount Button


... and click on the Microsoft Office 365 discount. Note that these images were taken on a staff account. Your view may be different, so look for the icon!


Read & Write

Read & Write is an important software product that can help you listen to and annotate web documents, including slides and e-books. We even use it in Testing Services if you have an accommodation that allows it. To download your free copy, follow the guide below.

Option #1: After Logging into iConnect, look to the right under Links of Interest. Click on the link and follow the directions. Option #2: Still in iConnect, access your Read & Write Gold download by Clicking on the Campus Life and Support Services menu. Then select the Discounts box ...
Read & Write Link of Interest
iConnect Discount Button
  ... and select the Read & Write button. It will take you to a screen where you choose PC or Mac, based on the type you need.


Use the PDF links below to access additional download guidance and to learn about features of Read & Write that will help you learn more!

Read & Write Installation -- A detailed PDF version of the instructions provided above.

Read & Write Chrome Extension -- A guide for installing an extension for Chrome Users who want to use Read & Write.

Phone Accessibility Features...

All the latest phone and computer technology include accessibility or ease of access features!

Phone Accessibility

While these features are designed with neurodiverse learners and other learners who need visual or audio assistance in mind, they are great tools for everyday visual and auditory learners as well!

What kinds of features can you adjust?

  • screen size
  • closed captioning
  • screen reader voice
  • screen reader speed

and more!

Whether you have an android or an iPhone, try setting these features to see how they work.

You can also set them on your iPad, tablet, PC, or Mac laptop or desktop as well!

If you want to walk through features to maximize how your phone supports your visual or auditory learning, contact us at or stop into the Learning Success Center in LaChance Library.

Closed Captioning on Youtube...

Many YouTube videos have Closed Captioning. Not only is this valuable for students with hearing issues, but if you turn it on and read a long, you will likely have better retention of the content.


Some takeaways from New Student Orientation!

Link to BlackBoard to get started!


Self-Enroll in your BlackBoard Course!

Self-Enroll yourself in your blackboard course(s).

Frequently Asked Questions for BlackBoard!

Everything you need to know about the new blackboard update is in the playlist below! It consists of 15 short informative videos on how to navigate your way through the new update. 

Discussion Board Cont. 

3CQ method!

Contact information for BlackBoard help for Students!


Please note, that IT/HelpDesk has moved back to room H038(previously 078) located in the basement of the library. 


MWCC IT Support Services...




When You Want to Talk about Learning After Hours ...

ThinkingStorm is an alternative to MWCC Learning consultations. If the Learning Success Center does not have a consultant for the subject matter needed, or if you want to talk about learning after hours, ThinkingStorm is your go-to! It is accessible through all course BlackBoard pages. Below are two videos with more detailed instructions on accessing ThinkingStorm and setting up a live virtual appointment!


If you are using ThinkingStorm, it may help to preview these instructional videos about how to use its various features.

1. Whiteboard walkthrough

2. Writing Center Overview

3. How to Schedule an Appointment

4. How to attend drop-in tutoring

Specialized Learning Resources

MyLab Access & Support

Do you need to get started connecting with, using, or learning about features in MyMathLab? Do you have a technology challenge that needs MyMathLab support? Click on this link: These steps work if your instructor is NOT linking MyLab to Blackboard. If your course is linked to Blackboard, you do not need a course ID and one is not available. Click the link in the upper right corner (of the link above) for directions.

Citation & Documentation Software

The MWCC Library Citation guide is meant as a starting point for Citation Support and includes links to free and subscription documentation programs such as Zotero (free), Mendelay, and EndNote. It includes

  • an overview of why we cite in academic work, 
  • links to print and online guides for the most commonly-used citation styles, and
  • recommended tools that will make formatting your bibliographies easier. 

It is not meant to be comprehensive, as most tricky citation style and software questions are better answered directly by librarians or consultants.

If you have questions about citation styles or software, please Ask a Librarian or reach out to a Learning Consultant - we're happy to help!

You can learn more about source integration and documentation by visiting these Learning Success Guide pages:

Writing > Global Issues: Development

Writing > Local Issues: Grammar, Spelling, Mechanics, & Punctuation

T.I. Calculator Guide

In this 16:50 video, one of our professional learning consultants helps you get a handle order of operations issues on your TI-30x scientific calculator. If you require closed captioning, click the CC button.

In addition, if you need to read more about how your TI calculator works, this link will take you to the TI site where you can select your appropriate guidebook.


Grammarly is a typing assistant that helps review and improve spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity & engagement whenever on the web! It has a free version students may download from this link. If you like it, you can choose to upgrade to their paid version for more access to their features. It will be a web browser extension, so wherever you go on the web, Grammarly will follow and help you improve your writing style. Check it out!

To get started, go to & click on the green button that says "get Grammarly it's free" and follow the instructions! It will ask you to sign up afterward to access it, but once it is done it will prompt you to download the browser extension, then you are good to go!



Stats & Accounting Excel Spreadsheet Guide

More info coming soon!

Please CONTACT US if you have questions.