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Learning Success Guide: Strategies for Thinking, Learning, and Writing

Everyone learns differently. Use this site to explore new ways to learn. Try everything you can. Keep what works; change what doesn't.


This page includes valuable study, test-taking, and preparatory tips and resources specific to programs in Nursing, Physical Therapy, Dental, and other areas, including preparation for the TEAS for Nursing and PT. 

School of Nursing Resources

Remember, all knowledge you learn in your classes must be related to the Nursing Process (ADPIE model). Your textbooks are almost entirely organized so that you repeat the Nursing Process. Your tests are designed to see if you can link content knowledge to the Nursing Process. In other words, it would be wise to understand the Nursing Process as fast as you can, and to be able to study by fitting the content into that process.

SBAR Documentation Process

  1. Situation
  2. Background
  3. Assessment
  4. Recommendation

LaChance Library has plenty of study guides on hand to help you develop the skills and language of the health professions and nursing. Consider checking out these books that are on reserve or in the stacks.

ATI TEAS--Nursing Fundamentals

ATI Fundamentals book: Hardcopies are available for use in LaChance Library Rm H124 (Gardner) and L201 (Leominster).


Dosage Calculations

Other Links of Interest

Dental Program Resources

Test Prep Options

Do you need to take the TEAS Test? Here are some test prep options:

1. Visit the LaChance Library circulation desk to borrow a reserve copy of the TEAS Study Guide for self-paced study. Use this link to find our  holdings:

2. Contact MWCC Continuing Education & Lifelong Learning to see the Ed2Go TEAS Prep course offering. 

Test Taking Strategies

Be sure to review the test-taking components of the Introductory Presentation above, and to review related materials on our testing page and the Testing Services page.

Please CONTACT US if you have questions.