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Learning Success Guide: Strategies for Thinking, Learning, and Writing

Everyone learns differently. Use this site to explore new ways to learn. Try everything you can. Keep what works; change what doesn't.

In the MWCC Learning Success Center, you will

  • discover new styles and strategies for learning,
  • apply new learning styles and strategies to content, and
  • reflect on how those discoveries and applications expand your ability to learn more.

College success begins with learning how to be a learner, and maximizing your learning strategies to make the best use of your time. Strong learners

  • organize their resources and knowledge through calendars, active reading, and note-taking activities;
  • exercise a range of learning styles (visual, auditory, reading, and kinesthetic) and use them in conjunction with each other to learn different types of content;
  • employ an adaptable approach to learning, exchanging old strategies that don't work for new ones, changing strategies to increase their effectiveness; and above all
  • believe that anything can be learned if they have strategies and approaches that work.

You can learn to be a successful learner, and the tools and resources here will help you on that path!

Learning is an ongoing process ... and so is this site.

We have a lot of information here already, but we know there's always more to find, share, and learn. If you think of something we should try and find, create, and share, or if you would like to contribute your own materials, please contact the Learning Success Center at, or stop into LaChance Library to see Ms. Logan or Dr. Koch.

About the Learning Success Center

Advance your learning! Our consultants will help you discover new learning styles and skills, apply learning strategies to your course content or writing and math needs, and reflect on how you learned new material. We can also help you learn how to navigate Blackboard, Microsoft Office programs, and other technologies as needed. Do you want learning strategies for study, reading, note-taking, and other skills? We have you covered there too!

What types of learning consultations are available?

  • Walk-in, face-to-face assistance with math, writing, and select other subjects is available by visiting LaChance Library (Gardner campus) Monday through Friday 9am-2pm.  Note: Our Leominster campus is undergoing renovations, services will be offered at our Gardner campus during this time.
  • Face-to-face and online appointments are available by emailing the Learning Success Center at or calling 978-630-9333 at least 48 hours prior to your needed appointment. Not every subject is covered on all days at all times, so the more advance notice you provide, the better.
    • NOTE: 1:1 consultations are not guaranteed. Based on demand, you may end up in a group or round-robin consultation.
  • Online support is also available through our third-party service ThinkingStorm. Please visit your course Blackboard site for access to this service.

Set a Consultation & View Our Schedule

Use the schedule below to find a consultant's discipline(s), days, times, and locations of service. Click on the entry for more information and to add the time to your calendar.

If the consultant is in LaChance Library, you can just walk in and we will work with you as availability permits.

  • Disciplinary learning consultants may use a "round-robin" approach, moving frequently between and among students. They may also to work with students in a group session.
  • Writing consultants may use a similar approach, but depending on the student, more focused time is often required. Therefore, you may wish to set an appointment for a writing consultation.
  • All online consultants require an appointment.

To set your appointment:

  • email, or
  • call 978-630-9333. Leave a detailed message with your name, student ID, and the consultant or discipline, days, and times you request, or
  • visit the Learning Success Center in LaChance Library.


ThinkingStorm is meant to be an alternative for consultations. If the Learning Success Center does not have a consultant for the subject matter needed, ThinkingStorm will be the go-to! It is accessible through all student's BlackBoard pages. Below are two videos with more detailed instructions on accessing ThinkingStorm and setting up a live virtual appointment!

Our Philosophy: Growth Mindset and Universal Design for Learning

Two major theories drive the work we do: Growth Mindset and Universal Design for Learning. We can apply these principles in nearly any learning interaction to help most students develop strategies for learning and content knowledge.

Here are two TED Talks that discuss Growth Mindset. In the first video (6:12), Angela Duckworth explains the concept of Grit as a feature of success that is perhaps more important that IQ or income, tying it to the one potentially good way of developing grit--Growth Mindset. Second, Carol Dweck explains Growth Mindset in a 9:37 video.

Now that you understand the approach we think everyone should take, here's a bit about Universal Design for Learning. These videos, each approximately 2:30, give you a basic overview.

You your learning consultation, our staff will want to know how you learn best--what approaches, styles, and activities you like to use or do--so that we can tailor our time together to best suit you.

Please CONTACT US if you have questions.